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And We Have Also Specialized In Doing  . . . .

Voice, TV & Computer Cabling

We pre-wire and punch down residential telephone, fax and TV cables and jacks. We can

tap onto existing lines or install ‘dedicated’ lines from an existing local Phone co. or Cable Company interface unit. In today’s high tech world, with offices in the home and the internet

using high speed DSL and COAX Roadrunner with dedicated lines, we can help.


Saye Specialty Electric, Inc. can pre-wire your small network and even do ‘punch down’ on

Cat. 5 lines. We can assist with system design, layout and installation. We can work with

Information Technology (I.T.) personnel and / or the end user. Call us anytime for more details


 Hot Tubs

Hot tubs, Jacuzzis, Hydra Massage, etc. are all required to be GFCI protected and have an

 insulated ground conductor from the main electrical panel to the unit. GFCI is ‘personnel protection’ and responds to an imbalance between ‘hot’, neutral and ground conductors.


Most manufacturers and retail sales outlets are now providing the GFCI circuit breaker and enclosure. We properly provide new 120 volt or 240 volt circuitry and connections using

all appropriate wiring methods and adhering to all code compliances. Safety First!


And We Also Have Done Decks, Piers, and Water Fountains !!!