Residential Service

Troubleshoot & repair service, replacement and new installation of residential,

 dwelling electrical items and systems.  Inside and outside lighting, service upgrades,

fuses to breaker change-outs, aluminum wiring checked, paddle fans, electric heat, air

 conditioners, dedicated circuits for home office and appliances, GFCI receptacles,

arc fault circuits, smoke / CO detectors, dimmers, receptacles, switches, dryer

receptacles and cords, phone, cable, CAT. 5, surge suppression,

outside receptacles and install exterior seasonal items. 



New National and Local residential building and fire codes mandate that new construction

and renovation projects have Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors.  Instead of installing

one of each, have us install a combination unit that detects smoke and CO and operates

off a battery and 120 volt line power. Residential codes also require that all 120 volt

line power in the bedroom of a dwelling be Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI)

with a branch circuit breaker specifically for the bedroom circuitry.


All exterior, weatherproof receptacles are to be Ground Fault Circuit

Interrupter  (GFCI) protected and have an ‘in use / bubble’ cover.

We install these covers on all new and existing exterior receptacles.


Commercial panel boards and safety, disconnect switches are required to have ‘Arc Flash’ label stickers. We install these on all

commercial service equipment we install or replace. Electrical and Building codes are constantly changing. We try hard to stay

abreast of all code compliance issues as they pertain to our customer’s electrical systems.

Storm Damage

Harsh, in-climate weather can take its toll on overhead power lines, particularly in the area’s

older neighborhoods with many trees abound. The local power company will only repair,

replace and reconnect their power line to a dwelling or occupancy if the overhead service riser,

 meter base and exterior disconnects (if applicable) are undamaged and securely fastened in

 place. Only a licensed, qualified electrician can make these types of repairs. We prioritize

power outages and meter base replacement jobs with a priority prompt response.

We maintain a special inventory of overhead service riser parts and meter bases

at our warehouse and on our service vans.

When Saye Specialty Electric, Inc. is hired to perform storm damage work, it will be done professionally and correctly; to the letter

of the National Electric Code (N.E.C.) and to the liking of local electrical inspectors and the power company.


 Surge and Lightning Protection

Let us install a new lightning surge suppressor on your main service

panel or electrical meter. These devices are made to provide an extra

level of protection for your electrical appliances in your home or

business when there is a voltage spike in the distribution system

or a lightning strike. Of note: There is no device that will

completely stop a lightning strike. The devices we provide and

install are designed to ‘soften the blow’ of a spike

Residential Remodel / Renovation

Our technicians join the ‘team’ of other trades to bring all

of the electrical pieces together. Whether we are working

 for a Renovation General Contractor or the End User /

 Homeowner, our renovation technicians are well equipped

and qualified to perform the many aspects of residential

 renovation. We incorporate all of the most recent ‘code’

and compliance upgrades into every job.


Phase Converters

Need a 3 phase circuit and you have only a 240 volt single

phase service? Adding a 3 phase service from the local utility

cost prohibitive?  We can help. We interact with a national

supplier of heavy duty phase converters to provide 3 phase

 circuitry from a 240 volt, single phase electrical system. Getting the rotary generator and capacitor case

 can take a week or more and we order only as demand

 dictates. Sorry, no quick fixes but call us anytime

and we'll get it completed for you.