Commercial Contractors

We welcome National and Local Accounts to perform electrical

construction, repair and compliance service at many area office,

retail (big box to small strip), warehouse, light industrial, restaurant

and multi-family occupancies.  We respond to retailers, property

managers, office managers, building owners, municipalities,

maintenance technicians, tenants, and end users.


Our technicians are well versed in all aspects of line voltage electrical

wiring, troubleshoot and repair, replacement and new installations.


We pride ourselves on the ability to get in and get out with minimal disruption, working within the customer’s convenience and schedule.

 We offer repair service on all brands of electrical equipment. We perform interior and exterior lightning maintenance: lamps & ballasts,

parking lots poles to 40', photocell, timer and contactor controls, EXIT & Emergency Lights, 3 phase - 120/208 volts and 277/480 volts.

Our experienced service technicians will give their best effort to get any electrical repair problem solved efficiently and properly.

We offer after hour "emergency" response service to our current, existing customers.

Commercial Lighting Retrofit / Upgrade

We’re not just going to maintaining your existing lights. Some lighting systems 10 years or older may be inefficient and become what

we call maintenance cost prohibitive. You’ve heard the old adage: "The sum of the whole is less than the sum of the parts"? 

It is very true with lighting maintenance as there have been great strides in lighting technology in the past three to four years.


One of our benchmark / marquee jobs in 2006 was replacing 983 360 watt Metal Halide high-bay lights in a large local distribution

center with 6 and 4 lamp T5 HO fluorescent fixtures with motion sensor accessory. Their power bill has decreased by over 30%,

lighting levels have increased by 20%, they have less lighting maintenance, new lights burn cooler so Air Conditioning is

not as strained during warmer months, better color rendering and they qualified for optimum tax savings incentives.

We have performed similar type jobs for other customers on a reduced quantity scale with realistic, tangible results.


In Spring of 2011 a medium box retailer had us replace 27 250w Metal Halide low-bay lights

with acrylic lens Compact Fluorescent (CFL) low-bay fixtures. The new lights aren’t as sensitive

with voltage irregularities they seem to have as the older Metal Halide lights. The ballast and

capacitors have been taken out of the maintenance equation.

Overall results are very comparable with T5 HO lighting.

The newest technology is Light Emitting Diode or LED. This technology uses

 minimal power for maximum lumens. Huge energy cost savings and most

are dimmable; ideal for matrix or digital dimmer control systems.

Often times an LED upgrade is as simple as replacing an

incandescent or CFL lamp / light bulb.


We work closely with local supply vendors to obtain quality products

at reasonable costs.   Call us directly anytime for a courtesy

assessment of your facilities and we will provide answers and

solutions to your Commercial Lighting Retrofit / Upgrade needs.

Commercial Construction

We thrive on performing smaller commercial construction jobs; up-fits and

renovations. We become a ‘team player’ with the General Contractor and/or

Owner’s Representative to meet the budget and time frame of every job,

every time. Our commercial construction jobs are considered based upon the

electrical dollar amount and the ‘challenge complexity’ ratio, not by the square

footage.  We prefer doing more smaller jobs better. We try to be careful that

the jobs we consider and commit to are within our ‘comfort level’ or

real ability to perform. Normally we are the first trade in and the last trade out.


HVAC Power Wiring - for Both Contractors and Private Homeowners

Part of our business is servicing and installing heating and cooling electrical line power wiring.

We provide reconnect, new circuitry and final connection services as a sub-contractor for many

of the local area’s small to medium sized Heating & Air Conditioning contractors.


 We provide code compliance items, GFCI receptacles, lights, etc. that are required.

We properly splice aluminum with copper wiring using only approved wire connectors,

never taking aluminum wiring into a piece of mechanical equipment. 


Occasionally a mechanical contractor or service technician will have an electrical repair problem

that they are not qualified to repair and not have an electrical contractor "on call’, we can help